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Mentoring Program

Calling all mentors and mentees! Come join us for the 24 in 2024 mentorship program.

The Mentoring Program is an opportunity for CREW-St. Louis members to connect with and learn from other professionals. This program connects members with other members seeking to expand their network and advance their career.

Program mentors are leaders sought out for their expertise, stature, and influence in the industry. Mentoring is a cornerstone for advancement in any industry, and it is especially valuable in commercial real estate, which relies heavily on relationships and business referrals. The knowledge exchange between mentors and mentees allows mentees to learn from the experiences of others to advance in their careers.

Advantages of Mentorship:

  • Build connections and expand your network

  • Gain insights and guidance for personal and career development

  • Provide constructive feedback to support growth and success

  • Increase self-confidence

  • Learn how to take better control of your career

  • Learn to speak up and be heard

  • Increase leadership and career development skills

  • Build confidence and skills resulting in life long connections

  • Value of time spent – priceless.

How to get Involved:

Mentors and Mentees may apply to participate by filling out the bio/ request form.

Forms must be submitted by end of day February 9, 2024.

CREW Network Global Mentoring Program

Launched in 2023, CREW Network’s global mentoring program connects C-suite and executive-level members with members seeking to expand their network and advance their career in commercial real estate.  

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